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Biotop Professional 911 Quinoa Hair Oil 100ml

Biotop Professional 911 Quinoa Hair Oil 100ml

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The difference between the BIOTOP 911 Quinoa Oil and other similar products available in the market is that it is made from pure quinoa extract using purified water and a special formula for treating dry and damaged hair.

This unique formula is exclusive to BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL and uses unique consonants for the company different from other companies in the market.

Key Ingredients:

Pure Quinoa Extracts and Sunflower seeds - Rich in protein and antioxidants

Great Source of Vitamin E, B1, B6, Iron, and other minerals which act as superfoods for your hair health.

Here are a few benefits of Quinoa Oil:

Strengthens and Repairs Your Hair - Quinoa is rich in amino acids and has sunflower seeds which help form a protective barrier around your hair!
It Prevents external and environmental damage.
Supports hair growth with the presence of Vitamin B3 compounds.
Balances sebum in the scalp and reduces scalp acne and dandruff.
Protects from hair color fading and damage from heat styling.
Makes your Hair smooth, elastic and, nourished!
How & When to Use:

When you have dry skin on the scalp or are facing dandruff problems, you can apply this oil as a treatment for 5-10mins and wash it. Do this once a week for best results.

It also strengthens your hair follicles so can be applied on the roots of your hair as a treatment. 


Manufactured by: - G.V Cosmetics Ltd. (Made in Israel)

Imported by: - VS SALES. (INDIA)

Customer care no.: - +919136920538/39

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