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Naturica Repairing Deep Shampoo 250ml

Naturica Repairing Deep Shampoo 250ml

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Restructures and revitalises extremely dry and damaged hair [color save]. Complex formulas with basic active ingredients such as Sicilian Olive Oil, Pistachio Oil, along with Ceramide, Proteins, Vitamins and Keratin extract. The light, silky texture nourishes, moisturizes, and repairs hair in depth, giving it shine and smoothness without weighing it down. Hair becomes soft, silky, healthy, and shiny.

Main Ingredients :

• Sicilian Olive Oil
• Pistachio Oil
• Along with Ceramide, Proteins, Vitamins and Keratin extract

Features :

• Olive Oil extract he main constituent of olive oil is an oily acid which is very powerful in preventing dryness. It also contains Vitamin E and other anti-aging elements which fight the effects of pollutants to the hair
• Ceramide substitutes the original base of the hair which tend to disappear with age or due to string pollutants
• Pistachio Oil Rich in unsaturated fats, this ingredients contains over 30 vitamins which prevent aging. It is calming and moisturizing
• Keratin extract is the main components of hair. It is a protein made up of 18-19 amino acids. Due to aging and chemical pollutants, hair can lose 4 essential amino acids. This causes in-balance making the hair weaker
• Keratin extracts restore these lost amino acids, bring hair back to its original healthy form

How to Use :

Apply small amount to wet hair. Lather then rinse thoroughly.


Manufactured by: - RICA SPA. (Made in ITALY)


Customer care no.: - +918882800800

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